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Petrology: Granite - Physic and Metaphysics

Title: Physic and Metaphysics
Author: Himring
Characters/Pairing: Celebrimbor, Narvi
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Book/Source: LOTR, HoME
Disclaimer: I'm neither JRRT nor PJ. I hope nobody minds.

‘I would quite like to revert to rock,’ grumbles Narvi. ‘Granite doesn’t hurt as much as I do!’
‘What would Arda Unmarred be without Dwarves!’ protests Celebrimbor. ‘It would be Marred by that very lack!’
He is rubbing something elvish into Narvi’s back. He says he begged it off Celeborn! It even works on dwarvish swollen joints.
‘Elves claim Mahal was at fault in making us!’ remarks Narvi provocatively.
But Celebrimbor’s ageless face is sad.
‘It is an elvish fault-—not to want to say goodbye forever.’
Oh Mahal!
Narvi clears his throat.
‘Ah—we’ll have to wait and see.’

A/N: In this discussion, Narvi and Celebrimbor have swapped the official theological position of Elves and Dwarves on the afterlife of Dwarves, so to speak. Allegedly, Elves are supposed to believe that Dwarves have no role in Arda Unmarred and revert to the stone they were made of after death. Dwarves believe that their creator, Aule or Mahal, has set halls aside for them in Mandos.

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