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Woodwork Challenge - Level: Sound Levels / Anxiety Levels

Title: Sound Levels / Anxiety Levels
Challenge: Woodwork - Level
Author: Himring
Characters/Pairing: Original Characters, Maglor
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Book/Source: The Silmarillion
A/N: Oderen, a woodcarver, and Emlinn, his musician wife, are besieged with Maglor and Maedhros, the Sons of Feanor, in the castle of Himring
Disclaimer: I'm not Tolkien--nor PJ--and none of this is for profit.

Sound Levels

They flock into the hall, pale and exhausted. Some of them sport fresh bandages where a black-shafted arrow grazed them. They huddle together on hard benches in their cloaks, relying on shared body warmth rather than on the meagre flame on the hearth. Nursing single beakers of well-watered wine in stiffened fingers, they toy with their rations and wait, expectantly.
Emlinn mounts the three steps up to the level of the dais and takes her seat. I’ll be playing his harp; it has the greater range. A long ripple of notes...
Maglor raises his voice. The winter dark turns gold.

Anxiety Levels

Oderen didn’t need a Noldo to tell him Emlinn has artistic potential. But to see them —Noldor, Sindar and Edain, nobles and commoners all alike before the levelling power of music—all listening spellbound to Maglor and to his Emlinn!
‘Your wife? You must be proud’, says Turion.
Turion is sincere—other men less so—but Oderen is indeed unreservedly proud. However, where before he merely feared Emlinn would be hurt when the prince dropped her, now he realizes the Feanorion is a brilliant, enthusiastic teacher—yet he is doomed.  If they survive the siege, will Maglor let Emlinn go?

Tags: author: himring, challenge: woodwork: level, character: maglor, character: ocs
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