girl talk (22by7) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
girl talk

response for the SMITHS challenge.

Title: The Family Line
Author: 22by7
Characters/Pairing: Eöl, Aredhel, Maeglin
Rating: allsafe
Warnings/Note: authorial stupidity
Book/Source: the Silmarillion
Disclaimer: I wrote this drabble and didn’t even get a lousy t-shirt

She was there, ghastly white in the dark of the forge. Her eyes on the finished blades were cool as the black galvorn.

Eöl turning to the boy said to him, ‘In a few years, you will join me here. We will see how you measure up to the greatest of Elven smiths.’

And then she spoke, voice wry, Sindarin uncouth. ‘Our son is to follow in the footsteps of my uncle Fëanor? I wish him good fortune.’


The boy suddenly giggled; gasped, realising. But Eöl gripped him by one thin shoulder.

Aredhel was thereafter barred from the forge.
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