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Blacksmith from the Brandywine; Hobbits, PG-rated

The author's notes are longer than the story. *laugh at myself*

Author: rubynye
Title: Blacksmith from the Brandywine
Rating: PG for violence ; gen
Characters: a hobbit, his audience, some mugs of ale; another hobbit told of.
Warnings: Original characters, character death.
Disclaimer: This hobbit may be my invention, but hobbits and Middle-Earth are not.

There've been some fine brave hobbits, mark my words, as stood up to the Ruffians, and none finer than the Travellers who came back to cast them out. Still, naught taken from such worthies as Mr. Freddy Bolger, nor from present honored company, but the first hobbit to raise hand and head to the Men was a blacksmith lad from Haysend; 'twas he as led out the first rebel band. He fought with his hammer, tapping on knees, and 'tis said he brought down a score of Men, or more, afore they caught him up and hanged him.

Note #1: Every so often I toy with the idea of writing a series of drabbles or ficlets set int a frame of Sam and Pippin sitting in the Green Dragon or the Ivy Bush sharing a pint and listening to folks' stories of the past year.

Note #2: There's a song called "The Blacksmith of Brandywine" which can be found (slightly mangled) fairly far down the page here: There are at least two parodies of it entitled "The Hobbit from the Brandywine". I wasn't going to participate in this challenge until I found myself humming the song, and the drabble followed.
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