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Tree Challenge - Branch: Last Remaining Superstition (by Himring)

Title: Last Remaining Superstition
Challenge: Tree Challenge - Branch (another late entryi)
Author: Himring
Characters/Pairing: Ar-Pharazon (Tar-Calion), Miriel
Rating: PG
Warnings: implied dubious consent (canonical)
Book/Source: Unfinished Tales, Silmarillion (Akallabeth)
Disclaimer: The Professor wrote; I squeezed in a footnote

‘You refuse?’
‘I’m saying it would be a futile gesture, worse than meaningless, Tar-Calion—like inscribing your royal title on the Scrolls in forbidden Quenya. Do you truly imagine Lady Uinen will protect you as you go to war against the Valar?’
‘You will carry the Bough of Return for the bow of my ship. The Queen must not be seen to withhold her support from our venture.’
‘I do not support your venture.  You are long lost to me, cousin—yet I cannot help wishing you may return safely, all of you. I will bring the branch of oiolaire.’

A/N: Numenorean royal titles continued to be inscribed on the Scrolls in Quenya even when the language fell into disfavour to prevent ill fortune ensuing. A branch of oiolaire tied to the bough was supposed to ensure a safe return and was associated with the protection of Uinen.
Tags: author: himring
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