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Trees Challenge; Twig. Peace and Quiet.

Title: Peace and Quiet
Challenge; Twig
Author: Curiouswombat
Characters: Elladan, Elrohir, OFC
Rating: G
Source: LotR

Disclaimer: The characters in this story do not belong to me, but are being used for amusement only, and all rights remain with the estate of JRR Tolkien.

Continuing that conversation, between the sons of Elrond and their friend, about sailing West.

Peace and Quiet

“Grandfather stayed when Grandmother sailed because the Galadhrim needed him,” Elrohir said slowly, “but now they are leaving, drifting West like twigs in a stream.”

“Maybe,” she suggested wickedly, “he is moving to Imladris for the peace and quiet.” A heartbeat’s pause, “Except he could, if you are right, get all that by sailing.”

“He remains for his family,” Elladan stated. “He would not leave Eldarion without his counsel.”

“Uh- huh… and that’s why he is moving to Imladris, which is further from Minas Tirith than East Lorien was? So exactly which bit of his family is he staying for?”
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