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Trees - roots and trunk: The Messengers of Celegorm (1 and 2) by Zdenka

Title:The Messengers of Celegorm
Author: Zdenka
Characters/Pairing: OCs (Feredwen and others)
Rating: T
Warnings: referenced character death
Book/Source: Silmarillion and The Lays of Beleriand
Disclaimer: Middle-earth is not mine and I make no profit therefrom.

After Lúthien’s capture by Celegorm, the Silmarillion says “Celegorm sent messengers to Thingol urging his suit” and “Thingol was wrathful” (understandably!). What happened to the messengers?

1. In the Deep Places (Roots)

Below the roots of the earth, Feredwen is imprisoned by locks and enchantment. The weight of the rock above seems to press down on her. Melian’s mercy (or prudence, thinking of her daughter’s safety) spared their lives; Feredwen is not sure she is grateful.

The House of Fëanor protects its own, she tells herself. She and her comrades will not be abandoned. But if it is her fate to die, she wishes it may be under stars or sunlight, with weapons in her hand.

(She is not entirely sorry when she learns that Thingol died deep in his own caverns.)

2. The King’s Ire (Trunk)

Feredwen is determined to be unimpressed by Menegroth, but she privately admits it has a certain wild beauty. The guards lead Celegorm’s messengers past columns carved like the trunks of trees, gleaming silver lanterns, stone dragons that seem to writhe in the torchlight. She notes the fortifications, their weapons and armor. The deeper they go into the caverns, the more her back prickles.

They stand beneath a canopy of jeweled leaves in Thingol’s hall and deliver their message. “To marry a prince of the House of Fëanor is an honor,” Magor says stoutly in the face of Thingol’s blazing anger.
Tags: author: zdenka, challenge: tree: trunk, character: oc
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