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Trees – bark, sap, branch: The Messengers of Celegorm (3-5) by Zdenka

Title:The Messengers of Celegorm
Author: Zdenka
Characters/Pairing: OCs (Feredwen and others)
Rating: T
Warnings: character death and kinslaying
Book/Source: Silmarillion and The Lays of Beleriand
Disclaimer: Middle-earth is not mine and I make no profit therefrom.
(Still hoping to catch up with all the prompts for this one.)

3. Release (Bark)

“Lúthien has returned. You are to be released.”

How, and why? What has happened in Nargothrond? Feredwen is desperate for news but will not give them the satisfaction of asking.

“The King ordered me to bring you out of Doriath by the shortest way.” Thingol’s captain rests his hand on his sword-hilt, and Feredwen has no doubt that he would prefer to send them to Mandos. She occupies the journey by constructing useless plans to snatch a weapon and kill the guards. She knows they would not escape, not here where Melian’s power runs beneath the bark of every tree.

4. Return (Sap)

They pass through Melian’s Girdle, and Doriath is fenced against them. “Do not return,” Thingol’s captain says brusquely, “or you will find no mercy.”

But they do return, when Thingol’s death and the waning of Melian’s magic have sapped Doriath’s strength. They hunt like Celegorm’s hounds through the woods of Neldoreth and the halls of Menegroth, loosing deadly arrows among living trees and trees of stone.

(Two of them return. Magor dies in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.)

Menegroth is a memory of darkness and light, prison and battlefield and shining lamps.

(Daradir dies on Feredwen’s sword at the Havens of Sirion.)

5. Memory (Branch)

Sometimes Feredwen considers the branching possibilities of fate. If Thingol’s people had sent them south and west rather than north and east–- if they had gone to Nargothrond rather than Himring-- Would Daradir and Magor have lived? Or would they all have perished in dragonfire?

Would she have knelt before Celebrimbor and asked to serve him as she did much later in Eregion? Or would she have turned her back on him and ridden away? She does not think she could have forsaken the sons of Fëanor while they lived.

She makes jewels for Fëanor’s grandson and remembers the fallen.

Tags: author: zdenka, challenge: tree: bark, challenge: tree: sap, character: oc
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