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Mulled wine challenge: Cinnamon: Ginger: Mace: - 'My Brave Hussar'

Title: My Brave Hussar - a drabble trio
Author: Kortirion
Character: Thorongil and OC
Rating: G
Source: Pre-Ring War
Disclaimer: Tolkien created the canon – Kortirion merely fires off a few wild shots!

Everything smelt of spices… pepper, nutmeg…even the wooden walls stank of cinnamon…

Thorongil was assured the best way to travel to the far North in winter was by sea… he had his doubts. He’d agreed only at his companions’ urging – it would be quicker, safer, even if they must first ride south to catch a ship.

The traders’ barque was wide of beam, triple-masted, it looked solidly reliable… much to Thorongil’s relief.

His severance pay in The Mark’s gold had purchased them a small cabin recently cleared of spice-sacks, but the heady scent lingered… was it this that clouded his head?

They were several days out of Belfalas, cutting across the wider ocean now instead of hugging the coast. The persistent swell was not yet a comfort, Thorongil was sure it never would be… however much the crew laughed at his pale features and assured him his sea-legs would come. He shivered in the icy breeze that bulked out the sails and set them ploughing the waves.

They assured him the weather was set fair, grey clouds might bring squalls but not storms, and handed him a mug of hot, ginger tea, ‘twill do yer good’… indeed, it warmed and soothed…

The following morning, when Thorongil finally woke, his head was pounding… as if someone had crept up behind and struck him with a mace!

He sank down, the old queasiness near to overcoming him again, and thought back… The ginger tea had restored his appetite… they’d handed him mulled wine with the evening meal, then they’d been other concoctions, drinks, songs, to carry them towards winter’s end…

He groaned and rolled over, “What happened?” he mumbled hoarsely.

His companion opened one eye, “you became enamoured of the ‘Brave Hussars’.”


“Equal parts brandy, herbed wine, and cherry liquor…”

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