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Mulled Wine Challenge: Mace: "Prelude to a Homecoming"

Title: Prelude to a Homecoming
Challenge: Mulled Wine—Mace
Author: MP brennan
Characters: Ivorwen, Dírhael
Rating: K
Source: LotR
Disclaimer: I own neither the characters nor the world. I write for fun and make no money. (These facts are not unrelated.)

Ivorwen smiled as her husband sampled one crumbling corner of the cooling loaf. She did not need to turn to see his face or hear his hum of appreciation to know the recipe was a resounding success. Nutmeg was easier to come by, these days, but mace leant spice bread a more delicate flavor. When he spoke, though, Dírhael’s voice was slightly cautious.

"It may be some months before we can afford more spices."

Ivorwen merely tutted. "Gilraen's boy is coming home. We've earned a bit of frivolity."

Gilraen's boy. By force of long habit, she didn't speak his name.
Tags: author: mp brennan, challenge: mulled wine: mace
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