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Mulled Wine Challenge: Mace + Sugar - More Memories

Title: More Memories (2x 100)
Author: Winterwitch 
Character: Thranduil
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Book/Source: pre-Hobbit (book)
Disclaimer: Middle-Earth belongs to Tolkien, I'm just playing a bit with it for fun.
Note: Many thanks to shadowycat for looking this over! All remaining faults are my own.

On the ride home, Thranduil was carrying the precious gifts of spices in his own saddlebags. Their faint scent transported him back to his youth and to some of his most precious memories.

Back to Doriath, back to the time before the naugrim came and dragons burned the earth. Back to the most beautiful forest the world had ever seen, and its manifold and aromatic treasure.

Back to the kitchens, where the spices were prepared to make the King's Cordial. Vanilla, cinnamon, fennel, aniseed and mace. He had always been allowed to help pierce the skin of the green walnuts.


The cook always gave him a piece of rock candy for his help, and when the work was done, sat down with a cup of tea and told him her stories of old, from Valinor and the Valar, from the two Trees and the crossing of the ice.

Thranduil loved the stories about the trees best. He had been born long after the first sunrise and often wished he could have seen them with his own eyes. To imagine, the light coming from trees, and no sun and moon in the sky, while here in ennor there was only starlight!

Note: I've never tasted Green Walnut Cordial myself, but have heard such praise sung about it that I thought it a fitting cordial favoured by Thingol.
Tags: author: ysilme, challenge: mulled wine: mace, challenge: mulled wine: sugar, character: thranduil
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