StarSpray (silverstarspray) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Mulled Wine Challenge: Sugar - Limited Vocabulary

Title: Limited Vocabulary
Author: SilverStarSpray
Characters/Pairing: Galadriel, Lúthien
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Book/Source: Silmarillion
Disclaimer: Tolkien's the genius, not me.

After Celeborn bids them goodnight, Lúthien turns her attention to the sweetest thing the traders brought them. The sugar is sweet, but not like honey or berries. When she says so, Galadriel laughs. “Be careful, or you’ll have Daeron trying to invent new words for ‘sweet.’”

“Oh, he’s been too busy trying to find the right way to describe sea foam in moonlight,” Lúthien replies, waving a hand. “Never mind that he’s never seen the sea.”

Galadriel sips her wine, peering at Lúthien over the goblet’s rim. “Have you seen the sea?”

“Of course I have! Don’t look so surprised.”
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