Ysilme (ysilme) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Sounds like challenge: Hare - The Surprise

Title: The Surprise
Author: Winterwitch 
Characters: Thranduil, Legolas
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Book/Source: pre-Hobbit (book)
Disclaimer: Middle-Earth belongs to Tolkien, I'm just playing a bit with it for fun.
Note: Many thanks to shadowycat for looking this over! All remaining faults are my own.

“What are you making?” Legolas leaned at his father's knee, regarding the small pieces of fur on the table.

“A surprise, my little green leaf,” smiled Thranduil, picking up an awl.

“For me?” Legolas beamed, his eyes never leaving the skilled hands of his father.

Thranduil pierced small holes into the furry pieces and sewed them together, creating first a body and then a head. Legolas was allowed to stuff them with wool.

When his father started to make small ears, Legolas frowned.

“Not a rabbit!”, he demanded. “I want a hare. Please, ada, can you make me a hare?”
Tags: author: ysilme, challenge: sounds like: hare, character: legolas, character: thranduil
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