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Sounds Like challenge: Hare-brained: 'As I Walked Out...' a drabble pair

Title: As I Walked Out… a drabble pair
Author: Kortirion
Character: Tauriel, Young Bilbo
Rating: G
Source: Antebellum
Disclaimer: Tolkien found the road to Middle-earth and all who dwell therein, Kortirion lingers on minor paths in the grass.

Looking around, he didn’t feel so brave, in fact he doubted he was ever brave, he’d just wanted to show his Da he was grown up… which wasn’t true; he was some years from coming-of-age, but…it was Spring. Things were growing and shooting, new buds greened the branches. The first sunny, blowy day this year and he’d wanted to walk out, breath the fresh Westerlies, taste the faint tang that teased of ‘unknown’ and ‘far away’…

Bilbo shook his head, not only was that very un-Hobbit-like, it was positively hare-brained, and now, he was tired, far from home, and lost.

Tauriel looked down over the neat patchwork landscape. Their small party was skirting the tillage and cots of the Periannath. The Elves kept to the borders, unwilling to be seen by, nor interact with the small folk. They, in the main, rarely sought out the ethereal strangers who passed in the night, singing rare songs.

So she was surprised to see a young Halfling moving silently hither and thither at the wood’s edge – he was clearly unsure… and the sun was setting…

No more brains than a spring-maddened hare… she thought, but… he needed help.

She stood forth.

He gasped.
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: sounds like: hare-brained, character: bilbo, character: tauriel
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