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Sounds Like Challenge - Hairbreadth: At the Crossing

Title: At the Crossing
Author: Himring
Characters/Pairing: Aerin, Broddun (OFC); reference to Brodda
Rating: PG13
Warnings: some physical violence; canonical background (occupation of Dor-lomin)
Book/Source: Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales (CoH)
Disclaimer: Middle-earth is all Tolkien's (except for Broddun).
A/N: Another double drabble about Aerin and her Easterling sister-in-law

On the bridge over the laughing water where once the elven king went riding, all in white and silver, swarthy Broddun raises her arms wide, sighing: “It’s so good to be home!” A moment later, she catches herself and gives Aerin a self-conscious look.
Confined to Brodda’s stockade, pale-haired thralls soothe aching pride and smarting backs by whispering among themselves that the battle was lost only by a hairbreadth. Nearly, very nearly, the Easterling invaders got their just deserts, killed for their treachery.
But to Aerin, death to all Easterlings no longer spells a fair outcome or a happy ending.

They might mingle in time, straw-headed Edain and black-haired Easterlings, and become one people, although not in one generation, Aerin thinks, nor in two. But they are caught, beyond their own devices, in a war of others’ making; it will not happen and Aerin, being Hurin’s cousin, should be glad.
Never does the gulf between the two peoples seem as wide as when the Easterling lash descends brutally on another ill-fed, overworked boy. A scream—skin breaks—and again Aerin stands helpless, watching. But whenever Aerin finds herself huddling together for warmth with Broddun, it seems a mere hairbreadth between.

A/N: The elven king is Fingon--in CoH, Turin is described as having watched him ride across the bridge over Nen Lalaith ("Water of Laughter"), the stream flowing past Hurin's house, all clad in white and silver.

Tags: author: himring, challenge: sounds like: hairbreadth, character: ofc, character: other canon character
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