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Sounds Like Challenge - Hair-raising: Morwen Lives, by Himring

Title: Morwen Lives
Author: Himring
Characters/Pairing: Aerin, Sador, Lorgan, OMC; references to Morwen, Brodda
Rating: PG13
Warnings: canonical background (occupation of Dor-lomin, curse on the House of Hurin)
Book/Source: Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales (CoH)
Disclaimer: Middle-earth is all Tolkien's, except for a couple of little bits here and there...
A/N: This double drabble does not feature my OFC Broddun. Things look darker without her--to Aerin and probably to the reader as well.

‘My hair stood on end, I tell you!’ says Sador. ‘I was convinced he was going to run her through. But Lady Morwen didn’t bat an eyelid. She just stood tall and straight, in the way she has, didn’t yield an inch and, in the end, Brodda spat a curse and rode off—overawed, although he tried not to show it.’
Aerin shudders. Another narrow escape!
‘Here’, she says hurriedly. ‘All I have for you this time, my friend, I’m sorry!’
She watches the poor man limp off, painfully, with that small sack. Morwen has nobody else left to send.

‘You can say what you want about Brodda’, says the grey-haired Easterling. ‘He’s an upstart—but the man has courage. I wouldn’t want to go near the White Witch myself, but Brodda dared to build his new hall right at Nen Lalaith...’
‘Morwen Eledhwen is as easy to kill as any other,’ says Lorgan softly. ‘A fire set to her house at night would do it. But it does not suit our master that she should die, just yet.’
The old Easterling feels the nape of his neck prickle. ‘Our master’! Some things are more fearsome than the White Witch.

Tags: author: himring, challenge: sounds like: hair-raising, character: men, character: oc, character: other canon character, character: villain
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