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Sounds Like Challenge - Err: Left Behind, by Himring

Title: Left Behind
Author: Himring
Characters/Pairing: Aerin, Sador, Ragnir, Brodda, Broddun (OFC); reference to Morwen
Rating: PG13
Warnings: canonical background (occupation of Dor-lomin)
Book/Source: Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales (CoH)
Disclaimer: Middle-earth is all Tolkien's (except for Broddun)
A/N: This double drabble features Aerin's sister-in-law again, but otherwise is closely linked to the preceding one on the subject of Brodda and Morwen. Morwen finally leaves Dor-lomin to try and join her son, as she believes, in Doriath.

‘Three days ago’, says Sador, ‘just after midnight.’
Morwen was right to leave, erred only in staying so long. Aerin herself told her so. But, although Aerin saw her rarely, feared for her constantly, for twenty years it was Morwen that lent courage to all of them.
‘She could not let you know the time of her going,’ says Ragnir.
Aerin nods. She looks at them, faithful retainers, abandoned because unfit for the road. Brodda will not let her take cripples in. Her eyes sting at the sight of blind Ragnir’s white hairs, Sador’s once-skilful hands grown clumsy with age.

Brodda roars and sends men after her.
‘They have a good head start,’ says Broddun. ‘I think the men are to make sure Morwen is really gone.’
Aerin nods. Brodda is, in truth, relieved and the Easterlings have not discovered the secret path south yet.
‘No news?’ she asks, nevertheless, each morning.
‘No news,’ says Broddun, hugging her.
No news is good news, for there can be no message of safe arrival, but Aerin has nightmares of her kin erring through the wilderness, astray.
Meanwhile, she obtains for Sador a week’s food and shelter in return for carving kitchen spoons.
Tags: author: himring, challenge: sounds like: err, character: men, character: ofc, character: other canon character
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