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Sounds Like Challenge - Heirloom: "What Kind is it?" & "Here Goes Nothing"

Title:  "What Kind is it?" & "Here Goes Nothing"
Author: Himring
Characters/Pairing: Brodda the Easterling,  Broddun (OFC, Brodda's sister), Aerin
Rating: PG13
Warnings: canonical background (occupation of Dor-lomin)
Book/Source: Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales (CoH)
Disclaimer: Middle-earth is all Tolkien's (except for Broddun)

What Kind is it?

Broddun’s heirloom is an animal carved of bone she wears around her neck—the only thing she still has of her mother’s, for when Broddun left, she did not know there would be no returning, although well enough that the outcome of war was uncertain.
Alone at night, she takes the pendant out to look at. The creature is elegant, stylized, secretive. Sometimes it seems fierce, snarling, predatory, sometimes dignified and powerful.
Brodda is tough, a survivor. Broddun disagrees with her brother about so many things, but he is nevertheless her mother’s son who shares Broddun’s earliest memories, without words.

Here Goes Nothing

Broddun cannot help envying golden-haired Aerin. However harsh her fate, she is not the foreign outsider in Dor-lomin. She walks familiar paths.
‘I have no heirlooms—no possessions at all,’ says Aerin, smiling at her. ‘It is all Brodda’s or my people’s—for the most part, both Brodda’s, by conquest, and my people’s, by right and need, and so doubly not my own.’
Broddun looks at her uncertainly. Is this justified reproof? Should she apologize?
Aerin cups her hands around emptiness.
‘See? All I have of my very own, I share with you.’
Understanding, Broddun carefully clasps those outstretched hands.

Tags: author: himring, challenge: sounds like: heirloom, character: ofc, character: other canon character
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