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Sounds Like Challenge - Hair: "Death Walks Through the Door" by Himring

Title:  "Death Walks Through the Door"
Author: Himring
Characters/Pairing: Aerin, Turin, Brodda the Easterling,  Broddun (OFC, Brodda's sister)
Rating: PG13
Warnings: character death, violence
Book/Source: Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales (CoH)
Disclaimer: Middle-earth is all Tolkien's (except for Broddun)
A/N: It was always going to end like this, but I had not originally intended to make it part of this sequence.

Aerin recognizes him, although it is long since she saw him last. He has Morwen’s hair, Morwen’s eyes. The missing heir—but, unlike Morwen, he sees all, understands nothing.
Tonight, everything falls apart. Brodda crashes across the table before her, his neck broken.
‘I would beg your pardon, if I thought this churl had ever done you anything but wrong.’
When is a rescue not a rescue? When it comes twenty years too late and there is nowhere to go.
It should not have ended like this. Aerin grabs a heavy platter and tries to shield Turin’s carelessly unprotected back.

Hardly a kindly old man, her brother—but greying nevertheless and killed at his own hearth without having lifted a weapon other than his tongue, no matter that the house stands on debated ground.
There is no choice for Broddun. She grabs the carving-knife and launches herself at the murderous stranger. Shouts arise around her, violence.
It is Asgon who runs her through, whose ailing mother she helped more than once. He does not recognize her in the melee, glimpses a broad Easterling nose, black hair, the knife.
Broddun dies at home, her cheek pressed against the earth of Dor-lomin.

A/N: I had been planning to skip Broddun's actual death scene and write the scene in which Aerin sets the house on fire, but not in drabbles. I may still write that other piece.
(There were additional references to
hair throughout the  sequence. I hope they were as unobtrusive as I meant them to be.)

Tags: author: himring, challenge: sounds like: hair, character: ofc, character: other canon character
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