Kortirion (kortirion) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Title: Be_Like_Water
Author: Kortirion
Word count: 100
Character: The Ocean – and an Elf
Adult: Shall we say PG-13?
Disclaimer: Well, Tolkien wouldn’t write this, but the Elf is his!
Notes: the Sea-longing from the other point of view – given that the Sea is looked on as a primal female force – it’s not quite PWP… but almost!

We surround him, pushing, probing, seeking entrance, as fine, firm muscles push against us. He shivers deliciously, and we rush to gather him in, lapping, sucking, against skin moonlight-pale, warm as sun-kissed sands.
We rush again, teasing, catching him unawares, making him gasp with pleasure; enfolding him in our silken caresses.
We leap, stretch up to touch that glorious hair, cooling hot flesh; tempting him to sink beneath our embrace.

He touches us; draws us up, cupped in hand to full lips. Delicately, he tastes our sweet saltiness with his tongue.

And he is ours…. We have captured him forever!
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