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City on the Lake (Mayor Sam Gamgee and other hobbits, rated G)

This is the more experimental of the ideas I came up with the the Life Aquatic. Friday seems a day for experiments, so....

Title: City on the Lake
Author: rubynye
Characters: Mayor Samwise Gamgee and two of his relatives
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Warnings: Tweenage rebelliousness.
Disclaimer: The narrator may be my creation, but hobbits in general, Sam Gamgee and all his sisters in specific, and Middle-Earth in all its glory belong to Professor Tolkien.

The King's rebuilt Annuminas, a mouthful of a name, and come there to bide, and I've formed a mind to see those white towers flutter their flags by a shining sheet of water. Mam cries out against my going, calls it wildness and foolish fancy, but turning to my uncle she's found herself checked, for he's Mayor Sam, who was a Traveller before. Though he says I mustn't go till I'm of age, he also says there's worse sights for a hobbit's eyes than the King's new city on the lake. Mam’s right displeased with that answer, she is!
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