Jay of Lasgalen (jay_of_lasgalen) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Jay of Lasgalen

The Waiting Game

Title: The Waiting Game
Author: Jay of Lasgalen
Characters: Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Tolkien's; not mine.

Summary: Elladan and Elrohir face an anxious wait. Written for the 'Birth' challenge.

The Waiting Game

Elrohir fidgeted on the edge of his seat, and frowned as Elladan prowled past him yet again. “Sit down, El,” he snapped at last. “You make me nervous!”

Elladan snorted, but dropped obediently into an empty chair. “How much longer, do you think?”

Elrohir shrugged. “How should I know?” He managed to sit still for a few moments before getting to his feet and resuming Elladan’s restless pacing.

They turned as one as the door at the end of the hallway finally opened.

Elrond stood there, tired, but his face alight with wonder and joy. “Come, meet your new sister!”

Tags: author: jay_of_lasgalen, challenge: celebrate: birth, character: elladan, character: elrohir, character: elrond
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