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Fellowship challenge - Distance (a set of three drabbles): Kortirion

Title: Distance (set of three drabbles)
Author: Kortirion
Characters: Boromir, Aragorn
Rating: G
Source: LotR
Disclaimer: These characters and their stories belong to Tolkien, Kortirion just borrows the toys for her own amusement.


‘There were two types of people in this life – allies, or antagonists.’
It was a maxim his amah had taught him… friends or foes. The concept suited Boromir, black or white. He liked to know were he was, how things stood… he liked certainties. Oh, there could be complexities, false friends, foes revealed, at least in some part, to be allies, but in the end... they were for you... or against you....

He’d always lived by that, until now.

Now, there was... grey. A cloaked ranger - who might be an ally... he behaved like one, but could he be trusted?


Aragorn enjoyed company, but had taught himself to do without. In the Wilds, comrades were good, but not always to be had. As his destiny was revealed and he discovered his inheritance, he'd realised he was fated to be alone more often than not.

Yet men were drawn to him; he knew their hearts and could give or withhold his own at will. Comrades, real friends could be counted on his fingers: Halbarad, the Northern One, Mithrandir, the One he’d walked south with, his brothers of course, Legolas... now the Steward’s son. Could they be comrades… or merely allies?


There was a companionable silence between them, each grateful for the others’ presence this night. They sat almost shoulder to shoulder, the warmth between them mingling in lieu of bodily contact. It would have been easy to lean back, one against the other, but neither did... perhaps in another time and place, but loyalties were elsewhere. And yet...

Comfort, reassurance… oft looked for and seldom given unwarily. Imperceptibly, both relaxed, allowing the spine to bend a little, the shoulder to sink...

Their arms touched, the distance between them breeched, each suddenly conscious of the heat that burnt in the other.
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: fellowship: ally, challenge: fellowship: companion, challenge: fellowship: comrade, character: aragorn, character: boromir
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