SheBit (shebit) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Into the West

Title: Into the West
Author: SheBit
Source: LotR (Appendices, to be fair)
Disclaimer: Tolkien wrote it all, I just like to take the elf out of the box and muss him up some.
Author's Note: This is an old one, but I thought it fit the "Life Aquatic' theme. It's a two drabble set, the same scene from two perspectives, with the same dialogue.

He gazed over the bow.

"I can never go back, can I lad?"

A gentle hand touched his shoulder and he looked up into clear blue eyes.

"No. But you'll see her again."

He smiled at his friend then, picturing her glowing face, she who was lovelier than all the bright gems of home.

His hand went to his throat and he drew out a fine chain. Upon it hung a locket of mithril, crafted by his own hand, but it's contents were more precious to him than any metal.

He opened the locket carefully. Inside lay three golden strands.


"I can never go back, can I lad?"

He gently touched his friend's shoulder.

"No. But you'll see her again."

As his friend drifted in thought, the elf moved to lean against the slender grey mast of the ship, crafted by his own hand.

He looked up into the clear blue sky and saw white gulls wheeling overhead, their sharp cries piercing the silence. A cool breeze lifted his golden hair like gossamer.

The sounds of birds and waves against the ship's sides engulfed him as he gazed over the prow, into the West. He was returning home, at last.
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