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Homophone challenge - ail/ale: Dwarven Ale

Title: Dwarven Ale
Author: Himring
Characters/Pairing: Finrod Felagund and  Cirdan the Shipwright; Curufin and Caranthir, two sons of Feanor; Maeglin and Telchar, smith of Nogrod; Adanel, the Wise-Woman and her student Andreth
Rating: PG
Warnings: alcohol (points at prompt)
Book/Source: Silmarillion, History of Middle-earth
Disclaimer: Tolkien introduced ale to Middle-earth, but Himring concocted this particular brew.
A/N: Four First Age Encounters with dwarven ale: a triple drabble

At first, on waking, Finrod was convinced he had been struck down by some hitherto unknown but catastrophic ailment endemic to Middle-earth, but then he realized it was just the vilest hangover he had ever experienced. Water—he needed water, badly. He staggered out of his tent towards Ivrin’s pools and encountered Cirdan, who, unfairly, seemed fresh as a daisy.
'Why didn't you warn me about that hazardous brew from Ossiriand?' Finrod asked. 'It has the kick of an irate mule!'
Cirdan laughed, too loudly. Finrod winced.
'Ealc’s elderberry wine?’ Cirdan said. ‘That's nothing. Wait until you've tried dwarven ale!'

'You seem to be ailing somewhat this morning,' Curufin commented, amused.
Caranthir eyed his brother darkly.
'Just for that, I shouldn't warn you. You seem to be convinced you can handle them so much better than I can. But, I tell you, praise their skills. Learn their language. Bargain. Whatever you do, just don't touch their ale!'

‘Why so glum, lad?’ boomed Telchar. ‘Have a little drink! Good for what ails you!’
Maeglin wished he dared glance at his father for help.
The dwarf had just placed before him, large as a child’s bathtub, a tankard brimming with foaming ale.

Andreth looked at the jotted notes before her.
Against ailing insides, she copied carefully.
Dig up roots of the plant called gallock. Dry and pound to powder. Mix with an eggshell of dwarven ale and honey. Give to drink early in the morning.
She stopped and looked uncertainly over at Adanel by the stove.
Adanel went on stirring, but asked over her shoulder: ‘You have a question?’
‘Many questions,’ admitted Andreth. ‘How can I find gallock? How much of the powdered root should I use? Am I supposed to add water? And why has it got to be dwarven ale?’

(Warning: Teal Deer Crossing) The first drabble is set during the Feast of Reuniting (Mereth Aderthad). Finrod is still fairly new to Middle-Earth. Ealc is an Ossiriandic word for "swan", here used as a name for a Green Elf.
Of the Valinorean Elves, Caranthir, son of Feanor, was the first to enter into regular contact with Dwarves, although others seem to have got along better with them, including his brother Curufin and Finrod.
In his youth, Maeglin was taken along to the dwarven city of Nogrod by his father Eol.Telchar, the smith who made Narsil, was the most famous smith in Nogrod.
Andreth, a Wise-Woman famous both for her great knowledge and deep thought, was taught by her aunt Adanel, who was Beren Erchamion's great-grandmother. The remedy in the drabble is based on an early medieval (Anglo-Saxon) source.

Tags: author: himring, challenge: homophones: ail/ale, character: cirdan, character: dwarves, character: elves, character: maeglin, character: men, character: other canon character
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