hhimring (hhimring) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Homophone Challenge - threw/through: Silmaril, by Himring

Title: Silmaril
Author: Himring
Characters/Pairing: Maglor; Frodo or Isildur
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Book/Source: Silmarillion, Lord of the Rings
Disclaimer: The Simaril and the Ring are Tolkien's; I'm just thinking about them.

He lifted his hand and threw. The impossible jewel went flying through the salty air, shining once more in all its facets: peace, love, honour, art.
The joy of belonging, the joy of making. Exhilaration of daring, quiet satisfaction of faith. They went flying through the sea air, jewel-like. Home. Exile. Hope. Despair. Promises. Broken promises. Death. So much death.
The light hit the surface of the water and sank.

He lifted his hand and threw… Being already almost lost, he did not. He stepped back from the chasm, put the ring on his finger and said: It is mine.

A/N: This piece is less about the characters as such than a bit of reflection on two central symbols in Tolkien's work, the Silmaril and the Ring. I hope it doesn't seem too opaque.
Tags: author: himring, character: maglor
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