Tarlo the Wanderer (tarlo_wanderer) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Tarlo the Wanderer

Balls Challenge: roll into a ball: 'Something Fishy in the Land of Ithilien'

Title: Something Fishy in the Land of Ithilien
Author: Tarlo the Wanderer
Characters/Pairing: Damrod, Faramir, Mablung, Sméagol
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Book/Source: LotR
Disclaimer: These are Tolkien's characters, not mine.

Damrod's sharp eyes saw something rustling the reeds. The smoke did not originate here, but was this the fleeing arsonist? Faramir was some distance off, near the pool’s opposite side. Mablung was on Damrod’s right. Suddenly, the creature splashed into the water, unwittingly showing himself. He was lanky, pale, and unpleasant-looking. Damrod pounced, Mablung and Faramir following. The creature instinctively rolled away into a ball. Mablung slipped in the water and fell onto Damrod. The creature jumped between Faramir’s legs. Before they could catch him, he disappeared either into the mud or reeds or forest.
“What was that?” hissed Mablung.
Tags: author: tarlo the wanderer, challenge: ball: roll into a ball, character: faramir, character: men, character: sméagol
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