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Homophones challenge: threw/through: The Element of Valor, by Dwimordene

Title: The Element of Valor
Author: Dwimordene
Challenge: Homophones: through/threw
Rating: T
Summary: Doubt is the element of the divine - as every good captain must know.
Disclaimers: Not Tolkien, not related, broke, not making money. Don't sue please.

The Element of Valor

Summer’s the harrowing time: for farmers and for warriors. West of Anduin, wheat falls to scythe and drought; east of Anduin, men fall to the sword. It has been a doubtful season for Gondor, east and west.

But now, they’ve the bridge behind them – they can retreat no farther. From Ithilien, Shadow spreads, and Boromir looks to his men, standing grim-faced against the onslaught.

They need a little doubt today, he judges. So he laughs, valor of Valar, and levels his sword at darkness descending, crying: “Astaldo threw Melkor, and so we shall see this day through – forth for Gondor!
Tags: author: dwimordene, character: boromir, character: valar
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