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Homophones challenge: beech/beach: The Bones of Beleriand, by Dwimordene

Title: The Bones of Beleriand
Author: Dwimordene
Challenge: Homophones: beech/beach
Rating: K+

Warnings: I did my best with Nandorin wordlists and conjecture.
Summary: Go tell it on the mountains…
Disclaimers: Not Tolkien, not related, broke, not making money. Don't sue please.

The rivers o’erran their banks – presentiment of death to those wakeful. So the Lindi fled to the mountains, and when the Balar-land broke, they wept, for Tear-giver must have died of mourning.

Then Enelwing, Danitharo’s daughter, descended, and in great grief gathered driftwood in her arms – poor bones of Beleriand, lying unhonored!

But wondrous sight: upon the beach, a beech, tall and straight, kelp-hung branches spread low, sheltering shattered trunks.

In reverence Enelwing laid Beleriand’s dead-wood beneath it, bowed low, and went forth in joy to tell her people on the heights: Ivann Galad-tharo lives, and I have met her!

Note: Ivann Galad-tharo is an attempt to give Yavanna a Nandorin name and title, but it's mostly conjecture and Sindarin.
Tags: author: dwimordene, challenge: homophones: beech/beach, character: ofc, character: valar
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