kayleelupin (kayleelupin) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

A Snowball for Gwaloth, by Kaylee Arafinwiel for "Ball" - Snowball challenge

Title: A Snowball for Gwaloth
Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Characters/Pairing: Neldiel (my OC) and Gwaloth
Rating: G
Warnings: Nope, unless sheep freak you out.
Book/Source: (Silm, I guess - this is Doriath anyway).
Disclaimer: Gwaloth and Neldiel are mine and Emma's, Doriath is Tolkien's.

The sheep huddled together in their covered shelter, but Lady Neldiel could not resist. Dancing out into the snow, her gown covered by her woollen cloak, she scooped up a handful of snow. Gwaloth, the matriarch of the lady’s flock, ambled out from under shelter to see what her mistress might have – and a ball of snow collided with her side.

Bleating indignantly, Gwaloth barreled forward, bowling Neldiel over into the snow. Neldiel didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, as the woolly animal probed her for treats.

Gwaloth,” Neldiel protested, “I don’t have any. Sorry.” Gwaloth wasn’t amused.
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