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Gwaloth and the Silver Skates, by Kaylee Arafinwiel (Winter Sports - Skating)

Title: Gwaloth and the Silver Skates (Winter Sports, Skating)
Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Characters/Pairing: Celepharn/Neldiel, Gwaloth
Rating: G
Warnings: You probably shouldn’t eat or drink while reading Neldiel and Gwaloth’s exploits…
Book/Source: (Silm)
Disclaimer: Emma’s and my OCs are not Tolkien’s; Doriath is.

Silver skates – the mithril-bladed leather boots were his first Yule gift to Neldiel this year. He knew how well she loved the winter, and ordered a pair for each of them. Even Aunt Baraves, Celeborn’s naneth, prim and proper, couldn’t say skating was an unladylike activity, since the Queen herself had introduced it.


Wondering what his aunt had found cause to shout about now, Celepharn snatched his skates and ran. He found Neldiel attaching two pairs of crudely crafted skates to Gwaloth’s hooves. She righted Gwaloth, and Celepharn suppressed his mirth. Only Neldiel would teach a sheep to skate.
Tags: author: kaylee arafinwiel, challenge: winter sports: skating, character: elves
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