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Gwaloth’s Icecapade (Ballroom, Ball) by Kaylee Arafinwiel

Title: Gwaloth’s Icecapade (Ballroom, Ball)
Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Characters/Pairing: Celepharn/Neldiel, Gwaloth, Baraves, Melian
Rating: G
Warnings: You probably shouldn’t eat or drink while reading Neldiel and Gwaloth’s exploits.
Book/Source: (Silm)
Disclaimer: Emma’s and my OCs are not Tolkien’s; Doriath is. So is Melian. Atar belongs to…well, Himself. Sequel to "Gwaloth and the Silver Skates" - I know the "Ball" challenges are over, but I couldn't leave this one.

Atto, aid Neldiel in her endeavour. Queen Melian watched her foster-granddaughter’s struggles, and her silent wish went winging Beyond the Circles of Arda. She heard the laughter of the One.

Daughter, thou knowest Gwaloth was not made to perform such actions as Neldiel wills, He bespoke her, their osanwe link laden with His amusement. But for thee, and for the Child thou loveth so…just this once.

Melian smiled, and if she felt a trifle smug, who could blame her? Eru had always found it difficult to refuse her requests on behalf of His mirroanwi. He could have said no, if He had truly wanted to.

Baraves, roundly scolding Neldiel, stared as Neldiel pushed Gwaloth across the ice – and the ewe remained upright, balanced. Gwaloth executed a perfect set of loops, practically dancing back to Neldiel. Celepharn’s jaw dropped as he eased the sheep to the ground. What next, ballroom dancing?
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