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A Letter To Uncle Baralin, by Kaylee Arafinwiel (kayleelupin) Winter Sports - Skiing

Title: A Letter To Uncle Baralin (Winter Sports – Skiing)
Author: Kaylee Arafinwiel
Characters/Pairing: Neldiel, Baralin
Rating: G
Warnings: It's a Gwaloth story, so no eating or drinking.
Book/Source: Silm
Disclaimer: Neldiel, Gwaloth and Baralin are mine and Emma’s. Doriath and the other lands of Middle-earth are not (and neither is "Hir Manweg", the Sindarin name for Lord Manwe, or the rest of the Belain, or Valar). Baralin is Neldiel's youngest maternal uncle, her mother's only younger sibling. Their older brothers Arvellon and Ramirith are also mentioned.

Baralin Ravondirion was busy strapping the long strips of wood to his feet when the messenger bird alighted on his shoulder. He sat back and took the letter which had been carried up the mountain, breaking the seal.

Dear Uncle Baralin, it began.

I hope this letter finds you well and that your travels have proved fruitful. We missed you at the Yule celebration; you should have seen what Gwaloth got up to!

The ellon stifled a smirk. He could well imagine what his niece’s sheep had ‘been up to’, especially if it had involved Lady Baraves.

She went skating!

He nearly dropped the letter. Very well, perhaps there were surprises yet in store…

Celepharn says hello, and Adar and Naneth send their love. Uncle Arvellon and Uncle Ramirith said they hope you fall off a cliff, but they don’t know I heard that.

Baralin could cheerfully throw his elder brothers off the selfsame cliff, but he appreciated his brother-by-law and beloved sister’s affection.

Gwaloth is trying to eat my letter,

and it did look rather suspiciously chewed,

so I had better sign it and send it before she can do that.

May the Belain bless you and carry my love to you,

Your favourite niece,


Baralin chuckled, his breath showing in the frosty air. He tucked the letter away, whispered a prayer to Hir Manweg to keep him safe as he descended from the heights – and pushed off, gasping as the biting wind rushed up to meet him.
Tags: author: kaylee arafinwiel, challenge: winter sports: skiing, characters: elves
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