Tarlo the Wanderer (tarlo_wanderer) wrote in tolkien_weekly,
Tarlo the Wanderer

Unsung Heroes Gardener Challenge: All Things will Grow with Joy

Title: All Things will Grow with Joy
Challenge: Unsung Heroes: Gardener
Author: Tarlo the Wanderer
Characters/Pairing: Merry, Eowyn
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Book/Source: RotK
Disclaimer:All characters belong to Tolkien, I'm just borrowing.

Merry was shocked. Éowyn was to be a gardener? In Ithilien? What a sudden change! Whatever had happened to her role of stern-and-silent Dernhelm, and to her aspirations to be a shieldmaiden, warrior, and, foremostly, queen? Those former wishes seemed to have mystically vanished like the foul morning fog under the warm brilliance of the sun. And what a sun it was! Merry looked upon Éowyn’s face, and then he was no longer surprised at her choice, for what flower would not flourish under such radiance? His disbelief turned to delight, and he grinned. She would make a perfect gardener!
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