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The Last Ship by Erulisse (one L)

Title: The Last Ship
Challenge: Unsung Heroes - Gardener
Author: Erulisse (one L)
Characters/Pairing: Samwise Gamgee
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Book/Source: The Lord of the Rings

Disclaimer: Tolkien built the sandbox, I only play with the bucket and shovel that he left for me. No money, profit or non, is made from the publication of this story.

The Last Ship

An Elven messenger arrived,
Cloaked by dark moon.
Extending an invitation
To the last ring-bearer.

The seed was planted.

He wandered the Shire -
Hobbiton, Brandy Hall, Stock and Bywater,
Ending at the Party Tree.
Revisiting memories.

The seed took root.

He watched his children's children
His sons gardened; daughters laughed and sang.
He journeyed to Bree, met friends,
An innkeeper, a dwarf, and a wood elf.

The seed sprouted.

Finally, to Elanor he traveled
His fair one, named by Frodo.
At tower's top they gazed West together
Embraced, wept, and separated at dawn

Círdan's White Ship awaited Samwise Gamgee.
Tags: author: erulisse, challenge: unsung heroes: gardener, character: sam
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