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Unsung Heroes - Carpenter: "A Small Thing"

Title: A Small Thing
Challenge: Unsung Heroes: Carpenter
Author: Tarlo the Wanderer
Characters/Pairing: Theodred, Éowyn, Éomer
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Book/Source: 3rd age, pre-ring war
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Tolkien, I'm just borrowing.

Theodred wasn’t particularly fond carpentry, but he hadn’t much else to do this cold February day. He carved slowly and meticulously, keenly aware of the close scrutiny. Young Éowyn wasn’t a harsh critic, but her earnest, blue-eyed gaze had a solemnizing effect. He was surprised she was still so attentive. Most four-year-olds wouldn’t be.

“‘Sit done now?” she whispered hesitantly.

Theodred smiled, brushing a shaving off the hilt of the small apple-wood dagger.


Éowyn was completely enraptured with the final product.

Twenty years later, Éomer saw her lay something on their cousin’s tomb. It was a small wooden dagger.

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