Lbilover (lbilover) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Unsung Heroes 'Blacksmith' challenge: Wizard's Coin

Title: Wizard's Coin
Author: Lbilover
Characters: Gandalf, Shadowfax
Rating: G
Source: TTT
Disclaimer: Only borrowing Tolkien's wonderful characters
A/N: Whether Shadowfax wore shoes or not I don't know, but for the sake of this drabble, assume he did.

It could happen to any horseman, even a Wizard.

Shadowfax cast a shoe.

Though in a desperate hurry, Gandalf walked beside the stallion until they reached the nearest village and a blacksmith.

'He's a grand fellow,' the blacksmith remarked, setting Shadowfax's hoof on his thigh to smooth the edges with his rasp.

'He is, and very dear to me.' A hint of warning coloured Gandalf's words.

'Never fear, sir. I know my work.'

He did, and refused payment saying, 'I'm honoured to tend such a fine beast.'

But Gandalf paid him anyway, in wizard's coin: seven years of good luck.

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