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Unsung Heroes (all prompts except "baker"): The Unnamed Dead, by Himring

Title: The Unnamed Dead
Author: Himring
Characters/Pairing: Gardener, Farmer, Innkeeper, Carpenter, Cook, Blacksmith, Weaver, Laundry-maid (all Sindar of Beleriand)
Rating: Teens
Warnings: major character death referenced (non-explicit)
Book/Source: Silmarillion
Disclaimer: It was Tolkien who implied their deaths--Himring spent a little thought on who they might have been.
Apology: I'm very sorry, these are 150 words, not 100,  and the word count has refused to budge. Could I be allowed to get away with that, this once, for eight prompts in one go?
A/N: Sindar that were killed by Morgoth and his armies in the First Age in Beleriand stream into the Halls of Mandos.

I was washing clothes in the shallows of the Thalos when the orcs came. How the starlight glittered on the water! After, it was stained with red.

I had only just re-potted a rose. They broke, rose and pot.

They flocked to my inn to discuss the news. Hard times, they said. Then the inn burned.

I won't finish the cloak I was making nor get a carpenter to repair the shattered loom.

I was apprenticed to a smith, but he did not teach me to make swords or shields. I taught myself that, quickly.

We were halfway through the field reaping barley, the Noldo and I. The orcs trampled the rest.

I made the best fish soup in Brithombar! Now fish only eat in Brithombar.

We have all heard of the Prophecy of the North and the Doom of the Noldor. But, Namo, tell us, why are we here?

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