L'Ignota (lignota) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

(Not a) River challenge: source – Dream by Zdenka

Title: Dream
Author: Zdenka
Characters/Pairing: Finrod, Orodreth
Rating: G
Warnings: Only some foreshadowing.
Book/Source: Silmarillion
Disclaimer: These characters and settings are not mine, and I make no profit from them.

In Finrod’s dream he is a child again, building castles with his brother at Alqualondë. They heap up the white sand to make a wall, but the waves come in and eat it away little by little. Finrod rises and walks away. He looks back to see Orodreth stubbornly pushing sand against the wall, saving it a little longer. So conscientious, my brother, he thinks with sudden affection.

Finrod wakes to the sound of water, beside the river Sirion. Whatever its source, he knows the dream for a warning. He thinks of building walls, not of sand, but of stone.
Tags: author: zdenka, challenge: not-a-river: source
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