L'Ignota (lignota) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

(Not a) River challenge: spring – Doubt by Zdenka

Title: Doubt
Author: Zdenka
Characters/Pairing: Gwindor; Gwindor/Finduilas
Rating: G
Warnings: Foreboding of doom?
Book/Source: Silmarillion
Disclaimer: These characters and settings are not mine, and I make no profit from them.
Note: Using this as a river prompt after all, with mod permission.

The sun is bright on the river Narog as we pass over the bridge. Almost as beautiful as the sunlight on the springs of Ivrin, golden-shining like my Finduilas. But you do not see it, do you, Túrin? You are thinking of death and vengeance, or your glory in battle.

I doubt your plan, son of Húrin. But I cannot refuse to go. My body has not its old strength, but I will no longer be thought a coward.

They say the dragon has defiled Ivrin in its beauty. O, my Faelivrin! Whatever becomes of us, may you be safe.
Tags: author: zdenka, challenge: not-a-river: spring
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