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(Not a) River challenge: Bank: Fall: Reach - 'What Was, What Is, What Could Be…' a drabble series

Title: What Was, What Is, What Could Be… A drabble series
Author: Kortirion
Characters: Galadriel, Boromir
Rating: G
Source: FotR & AU FotR
Disclaimer: Tolkien put pen to paper to disclose Middle-earth, Kortirion origami-ed the contents.

What Was...

The bank was a place of mud and moss, guarded from the river’s margin by spears of reeds, dotted with budding yellow flags, too early yet for the curved white lilies that loved the water’s edge. She liked to walk here, to watch wavelets, wind-driven ducklings, and, occasionally… matters of future-sight glimpsed in sparkling dew.

…Such as this tall, pale-faced man, composed in sleep, hands folded, his sword beside him… and on his lap a broken horn…

A runner disturbed Galadriel’s reverie, greensward became merely grass.

“My Lord urges you to come, our borders are disturbed by strangers… ”

She nodded.

What Is...

She saw his fall, yet not entirely the manner of his falling… Would those two clash over Gondor’s kingship? Or fall to the orcs trailing them?

And yet… and yet… she saw the flash of gold in his eyes; a glimpse of greed, hunger… Ah, not the greed of dwarves then, but the siren-song of power…

She shuddered involuntarily… how often had she heard that melody herself? But whereas her Ring murmured gently, whispering aspirations and encouragement… She knew how easily it could seduce… perhaps to an even greater fall than following her kin in their wild flight from reason.

What Could Be...

Along the river’s reach she flew, a mind’s eye vision of what might, what could be… if… if…

What differences would his life make? The more she saw, the more she knew, however the book was inscribed, there was still time to change the page. It was more than his survival, Galadriel had marked possibilities in others, now, those golden threads of coincidence seemed they might draw together…

Her Lord, his Warden… her grand-daughter safely returned… There could still be a true king, and a loyal steward… if… if…

She summoned Haldir. “Ride to Rohan, Theodred must reach Amon Hen.”
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: not a river: bank, challenge: not a river: fall, challenge: not a river: reach, character: boromir, character: galadriel
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