hhimring (hhimring) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Horse of a Different Colour Challenge - Bay: Alqualonde, by Himring

Title: Alqualonde
Author: Himring
Characters/Pairing: OMC (Celvandil)
Rating: PG13
Warnings: reference to canon violence
Book/Source: Silmarillion
Disclaimer: The framework (and the horses) are Tolkien's; Himring did a bit of inferring.

Horses did not belong on ships. Most especially, horses did not belong on ships like these. Celvandil blind-folded the bay to coax him on board but the animal scented the violence and blood. It shied and turned at bay, almost trampling him. Dimly, it occurred to him that maybe he should not have brought his favourite horse on this expedition. Caught up in the action and the moment, he failed to ask, then, whether he should have been there himself.

Later he thought of the flight of the Noldor as a stampede, startled into motion, trampling people in its way.
Tags: author: himring, challenge: horse color: bay, character: elves, character: oc
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