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Horse of a Different colour challenge: Bay: Dappled: Dun: 'Transactions'

Title: Transactions - three drabbles
Author: Kortirion
Character: Théoden and OFC
Source: Pre-Ring War
Disclaimer: Tolkien’s world and Tolkien’s people, plus a little extra drawn in the margin

Brown leathers, always brown, dark, light, decorated… but brown; she’d a different look mind. Red perhaps, not the scarlet of Southron silks, a more sober shade – summer-storm sunsets, or the rich russets of highly polished Lebennin wood… then, he caught her eye, his coat made him stand out from the herd, she judged they’d made eye-contact.

She pushed deeper into the swirling melee for a better view. Fine hocks, strong neck, straight back – yes that young stallion was worth the taking.

“I bid on the bay!”

She shouted, as the yearlings entered the collecting ring. Théoden turned at her voice.

He recognised her instantly… the chestnut from the maiden’s dance the evening before… so, here to buy horses, eh? He insinuated himself by the rail, near enough to keep an eye, but far enough away to disguise his bids… which he made rapidly and discreetly, always keeping above her price.

He could see her frustration mounting, it left her eyes bright and her cheeks dappled red with annoyance. He’d buy the bay and present it to her… to show last night’s refusal hadn’t discouraged him. He smiled to himself as he won the bidding.

His ruse did not go well.

“You would dun me, leave me in your debt?” She bristled with irritation… which was not the reaction he’d been hoping for.

“Lady, I merely thought…”

“Merely is right. You scarce thought at all other than with your wedding tack!”

“I hoped to…”


This conversation was not going how he’d hoped, which had involved grateful thanks, blushing acceptance, a cup or two to seal the deal, and perhaps… No, she’d seen through all that, and now, he realised, he had been somewhat obvious… In for a penny…

“Lady, you see through me. Make a fair offer and he’s yours.”
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: horse color: bay, challenge: horse color: dappled, challenge: horse color: dun, character: theoden
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