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Horse of a Different Colour - White: Into White

Title: Into White
Author: Himring
Characters: Celvandil (OMC); Elrond
Rating: PG13
Warnings: character death, reference to canonical suicide
Book/Source: Silmarillion
Disclaimer: The framework (and the horses) are Tolkien's; Himring did a bit of inferring.
A/N: Triple drabble. Setting: during the end of the first Age, after the War of Wrath and Maedhros's death

'Take care, Celvandil', says Elrond, in his new healer's robes of pristine linen. He's worried.

Celvandil knows why. Morgoth may be defeated, but the sinking land is dangerous. Among the casualties, the number of Feanorians is high.

Celvandil does not think any have followed Maedhros into the flames, though, or been killed in revenge by Sindar. Robbed of both prince and purpose, it's easy to get careless. It's hard on Elrond, who takes both new and old responsibilities seriously.

'I will.'

Celvandil still has horses to take care of.

Almost everyone has fled Beleriand but a few Sindar stayed stubbornly in their homes, hoping the earthquakes would pass. Celvandil sympathizes. They wouldn't appreciate the comparison but he knows much about lost causes. This family would not be accepting help from a Noldo, let alone a Feanorian, if they weren't in dire straits.

In his arms the silver-haired girl he's carrying struggles, sobbing: 'Whitemane! Whitemane!'

Celvandil deposits her in the boat, rushes back, wrenches open the door to the stall. In panic, Whitemane knocks him aside and escapes just as the stable collapses.

Celvandil is pinned under a fallen rafter. He thinks his spine is probably broken. No use calling for help: soon, the water of the approaching tidal wave will be lapping among the wreckage.

'I'm sorry, Elrond.'

He had not meant to leave Maglor's fosterling, who has already lost too many in his short life, but somehow, he can't be too sorry. He imagines the silver-haired girl riding on Whitemane, joyously riding away into freedom. The image is so vivid; almost he can see them before his very eyes. Then everything empties into white.

In the first drabble, "white" is represented by "pristine linen". The phrase "(empties) into white" is an allusion to song lyrics by Cat Stevens.
And I apologize for the character death...
ETA: I wrote this on Word Online, which says this is 3 x 100 words. I'm aware that it comes out differently when you use other word count tools. 
Tags: author: himring, challenge: horse color: white, character: elrond, character: elves, character: oc
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