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Passing Time challenge - calendar: A Fair Copy, by Himring

Title: A Fair Copy
Author: Himring
Characters: Vardamir Nolimon and his grandson Elendil Parmaite (later King Tar-Elendil of Numenor)
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Book/Source: Unfinished Tales
Disclaimer: Tolkien said what happened; Himring pictured the scene to herself.

The weather is pleasant today, so grandfather and grandson have decided to move out into the open air. There is a quiet portico alongside the courtyard of the White Tree. They have set up next to a column: Parmaite bent over his portable writing-desk, Vardamir ensconced in a comfortable wicker chair with his notebooks.
‘I could not make out what you wrote about the differences between the calendars of Tirion and of Gondolin,’ says Parmaite.
‘Let’s see,’ says Vardamir, studying the page.
He explains and Parmaite dips his pen into the ink and begins to write: careful, beautifully formed tengwar.

In "The Line of Elros", the section on Tar-Elendil says: He was also called Parmaite, for with his own hand he made many books and legends of the lore gathered by his grandfather. His grandfather Vardamir is Elros's son and therefore Elrond's nephew.
Beside the current prompt, I also wrote this for the SWG's "Akallabeth in August" challenge (it's the last day of August!).
I hope to link this up eventually with the drabble I wrote about Parmaite's relative Yavien for an earlier challenge, if I manage to continue the sequence.
ETA: I had trouble posting this one--but I hadn't noticed that the entry had also locked itself, for some reason.
Tags: author: himring, challenge: time: calendar, character: men, character: other canon character
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