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Passing Time - Sundial: A Confession, by Himring

Title: A Confession
Author: Himring
Characters: Elros Tar-Minyatur, first king of Numenor, and his great-granddaughter Yavien
Rating: PG 13
Warnings: reference to f/f relationship
Book/Source: Unfinished Tales
Disclaimer: Tolkien invented the descendants of Elros; Himring set some of them talking.

The sundial is neatly inscribed in Quenya: Count the Sunny Hour.
Yavien finds Elros seated beside it, soaking up autumn sunlight. He smiles as she crouches down.
‘Great-grandfather’, she begins. ‘I met someone I could… Someone I care for.’
‘Did you, my Yavien? When will I get to meet him?’
Yavien hesitates.
‘She’s a fisher girl from Nindamos.’
A moment’s silence.
‘What a pity’, says Elros then. ‘I’d put on a plain cloak and travel to Nindamos to see the woman who’s captured your adventurous heart, but I’m too old.’
‘You’re not old, great-grandfather!’
‘Sadly, my bones say otherwise, Yavien.’
Tags: author: himring, character: men, character: other canon character
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