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Passing Time challenge: Hour-glass: Sundial: Seasons - 'Drawn to the Waters' - a set of three

Title: Drawn to the Waters - a trio of drabbles
Author: Kortirion
Character: Aragorn and OFC
Rating: mild innuendo
Source: LotR movie!verse/Rivers of London crossover
Disclaimer: Not quite Tolkien… even if the world and his king are!

Time slipped through her fingers as easily as sand through the divide of an hour-glass. Not always running fast… sometimes it slowed to moments of mesmeric turpitude, lazy days spent suspended in deep pools, with only the flickering sun above and the reeling stars at night to show Time’s waltz with the world.

Today was not that day. She was giddy from the rapid’s intoxicating bubbles when he suddenly fell into her river. At first, just another irritating deposit to be rolled downstream… let the current and the fishes take him!

But his strength and yes… beauty… piqued her attention.

Roiled and tossed by her waters… she knew how quickly these creatures drowned. A flick of her heels bought her closer; an arm around him lent room to breathe and warmth, so the icy water didn’t chill his blood… such frail things!

He bled from injuries taken before his fall from the cliff, rosy ichor tainting the water sweet… old blood, powerful blood… is he worth the having?

Mouth enticingly open, his eyes alluringly closed, they flashed around rocks; her body shielding his. Caressing, teasing, enfolding… coaxing his flesh to respond – there! Proud as a sundial’s style!

She had him.

She laid him on a sandy shelf, kissed his dreaming face and withdrew… this one she might look for again, but not yet… first she had her own gestation to pass the seasons with.

His horse woke him from dreams both amorous and confused… He’d dreamt of Arwen, but that hadn’t felt like… He blushed at his own thoughts, until cold, tiredness and pain forced him back to this world. He had his quest, a forlorn hope maybe, to complete.

The King returned. The land blossomed. The great river was renewed.

But thereafter… he was… strangely drawn to the waters.
Tags: author: kortirion, challenge: time: hour glass, challenge: time: seasons, challenge: time: sundial, character: aragorn, character: ofc
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