lady_branwyn (lady_branwyn) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

Next Prompt in "Unexpected Party Food" Challenge

No takers for "liquor"? The next prompt in the "Unexpected Party Food" challenge is


"They got there bread, and butter, and cheese and apples: the last of the winter store, wrinkled but sound and sweet; and a leather flagon of new-drawn ale, and wooden platters and cups. They put all into a wicker basket and climbed back into the sun; and Beregond brought Pippin to a place at the east end of the great out-thrust battlement where there was an embrasure in the walls with a stone seat beneath the sill. From there they could look out on the morning over the world."
--"Minas Tirith," The Return of the King
Tags: challenge: unexpected party food: apples
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