Edoraslass (edoraslass) wrote in tolkien_weekly,

For the "Queens" challenge

Title: What Warmth Within
Author: Edoraslass
Characters/Pairing: Faramir
Rating: G
Warnings: A/U
Book/Source: LOTR
Disclaimer: Tolkien's, not mine.

Fair she was, but cold as the thin sun on Midwinter’s Day. Faramir hoped that warmth lay within, for the sake of Gondor and the soon-King Elessar.
Though not yet Steward, he still wielded power in the City, and at her request, had her installed in a room which faced East. She wish to look toward the land which threatened to swallow her kin and crush her betrothed.
Faramir watched her as she wandered the gardens of the Houses, pale and remote as the flowers that grew above the tree line, wondering, What kind of queen will this Éowyn be?
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