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Endings and Beginnings - "Well, I'm back", he said: Changing of the Guard, by Himring

Title: Changing of the Guard
Author: Himring
Characters: Orome, Yavanna, Nahar
Rating: G
Warnings: mention of canonical evil things
Book/Source: Silmarillion
Disclaimer: The Valar are Tolkien’s, the bio of Nahar is Oshun’s—I’ll just blame them both.

‘Well, I’m back,’ said Orome, sliding out of Nahar’s saddle.
‘How are they doing?’ asked Yavanna.
Orome snorted. ‘How do you expect?’ Then he replied more soberly: ‘I passed like a wind over the mountains, and before the sound of my horn and Nahar’s onrush the earth trembled and all evil things fled far away—for a while—but they will come creeping back. You know they always do.’
‘My turn to go, then’, said Yavanna and began steadily walking east.
Nahar turned his head and whinnied.
‘Never fear, Nahar!’ Orome assured him. ‘We’ll not leave Middle-earth uncontested for long!’

A/N: This drabble is a bit unusual for me, but as the Disclaimer indicates, I've just read heartofoshun's excellent bio of Nahar in the February newsletter of the Silmarillion Writers Guild.
Tags: author: himring, character: other canon character, character: valar
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